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This is mostly a reference for myself. I had to migrate to a new MacBook amidst a very busy week and I realized I have already memorized most of these steps, but this time I took notes. It took me about an hour. Next time will be even faster.

Plug in main external storage.

cp -r /Volumes/SPARTACUS/* ~/

Move dock to the left. Magnification on. Hiding on.

Finder settings: new Finder window shows ~/.

General settings: change computer name to something clever and witty.

Sound settings: don't play user interface sound effects.

Trackpad settings: Tracking speed at 70%. Silent clicking on. Tap to click on.

Siri & Spotlight settings: Ignore private folders.

Open Safari. Install Chrome. Open Chrome.

Install Mullvad.

Install Dropbox.

Install Cryptomator.

Install M+ fonts.

Install VLC. VLC settings: Show all → Interface → Main interfaces → macosx → Don't resize interface to the native video size.

Install Rectangle.

Install Inkscape.

Install Shottr.

Install Spotify.

Install Docker.

Install Homebrew.

softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Install Sublime. Install via Package Control: Colorsublime, TypeScript and Vue extensions. Copy over settings and theme settings from backup.

Install Command Line Developer Tools.

Install iTerm2. Set font to M+ 1m at size 20.

touch ~/.zshrc

Add subl to $PATH.

Copy over SSH keys and ~/.ssh/config from backup.

Install nvm. Install latest Node LTS.

npm i pnpm -g
pnpm i -g 0x clinic giget

Clone repositories from GitHub.

That's my previous computer. A truly spicy pillow.

I have to admit, it took me a while to notice how bad it was. I guess one of the symptoms of burnout is this, you don't notice your computer slowly blowing itself up. Still, over half of Happy Little Monoliths was written on it — at least until the E key popped off due to the inflating battery pressure.

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