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I'm currently a software engineer at FLAGCX. I also have been consulting in engineering and project management at STORED since May 2017.

From late 2016 to mid-2017, I worked on a Koa and Vue project at Stratum Security. In 2015, I helped Reachsocket migrate to Google Cloud Platform, experimented with Kubernetes and also ported parts of a Meteor application to Go.

From 2007 to 2014, I served as a fullstack software engineer for crowdSPRING, Aupeo, Abril and LaterPay, inbetween dozens of other short term consulting projects.

I started my career as a Flash and ActionScript developer in 2001. I ended up publishing two books about it in Brazilian portuguese. One of them is suprisingly still available.


Cover Letter

I'm currently employed as a software engineer at FLAGCX while also serving as a senior consultant at STORED.

My ideal role today is that of a Python and JavaScript enginner, QA engineer and technical writer. I also take special interest in continuous integration and writing Selenium tests. My most memorable recent Python project was designing a Kubernetes-based API testing solution. I'm also the creator and maintainer of xmlwitch, a popular Pythonic XML generation library.

I'm extremely disciplined and strike a fine balance between my personal and work lives. Aside from consulting work, I've been actively contributing to the open source community, focusing on Vue, Nuxt and Weex related projects, and also on ContaGrama, an experimental interface for accessing nutritional data from the USDA food composition database.

You can find some articles I wrote on the index page.