I'm Jonas Galvez, a JavaScript and Go engineer at STORED e-commerce. I started my carreer as an ActionScript developer 18 years ago. Since then, I've had a 10-year long affair with Python and have now returned to ECMAScript land.

I'm an eternal student of distributed systems and practitioner of minimalism.

I build and deploy my stuff with Vue, Nuxt, Go and Kubernetes nowadays.

Check out my dedicated page to my professional influences.

I am driven by purpose and cultivate a stoic attitude towards life.

The Thing About Nuxt · August 12, 2018

An attempt the capture in words the beauty and genius of Nuxt.

My Nuxt and Koa Boilerplate · June 16, 2018

The absolute minimum boilerplate I use for a new Nuxt app, including Koa middleware and ElementUI setup.

You Don't Need REST · May 20, 2018

Notes on JSON-Pure APIs and a walkthrough of an experimental API gateway using Go's reflection capabilities.

Leaving Python for JavaScript · August 25, 2017

A piece on my new web development stack following my ongoing work on three Nuxt applications

Nuxt and ElementUI · July 23, 2017

A 30-second introduction to Nuxt.js plus notes on getting ElementUI to run with it.

My Approach to Remote Work · July 16, 2017

An account on tracking and maintaining progress.

Why Choose Vue.js · June 23, 2017

Here I present the main reasons why I chose Vue over React.

A Million Schema Validations on Kubernetes · April 13, 2016

How I used Python and Kubernetes to perform large-scale, automated schema validation tests against an API.

Embrace Invisible Labor · March 31, 2013

What if you spent 80% of the time thinking and only 20% of the time actually typing things in?

Node Knockout Lessons · September 5, 2010

My experience at a Node.js hackathon and thoughts on the platform's future.

From the Birth of Numbers · March 21, 2008

A Review of Mathemathics: From the Birth of Numbers.

A 40-line Feed Aggregator · September 25, 2004

A simple feed aggregator in Python leveraging the Universal Feed Parser and the __cmp__ method.

Atom IETF Discussion · June 14, 2004

A noteworthy interchange from the AtomSyntax mailing-list and a reminder on IETF's importance for the web.