I'm Jonas Galvez, a JavaScript and Go engineer at STORED e-commerce.

I'm an eternal student of distributed systems and practitioner of minimalism.

I build and deploy my stuff with Vue, Nuxt, Go and Kubernetes nowadays. This is the scope of the articles published here.

I am driven by purpose and cultivate a stoic attitude towards life.

Article · You Don't Need REST · May 2018

Notes on JSON-Pure APIs and a walkthrough of an experimental API gateway using Go's reflection capabilities.

Article · Leaving Python for JavaScript · August 2017

A piece on my new web development stack following my ongoing work on three Nuxt applications.

Article · My Approach to Remote Work · July 2017

An account on tracking and maintaining progress – and what finally worked for me in 14 years of remote work.

Article · Isomorphic Fetch Notes · July 2017

My first experience with isomorphic React and creating a universal interface to fetch that works on the client-side as well as for talking to multiple microservices on the backend.

Article · Why Choose Vue.js · June 2017

The thing about Vue is that its minimalism makes the API feel like a natural extension to HTML, much like a web standard. Here I present why I choose Vue over React.

Article · Scalable API Testing · April 2016

I was tasked with the job of creating a scalable black-box test suite for a HTTP API, capable of examining its speed and stability as well as its expected behaviour. I set out to accomplish these two forms of testing using state of the art Python libraries and deployment tools.