I'm Jonas Galvez, a writer and coder from Brazil. I build web applications for a living, specialising in UI/UX work with both React and Vue-based architectures, and distributed systems with Node.js, Python and Go.

I'm a software engineer at FLAGCX and senior consultant at STORED. I like minimalism, challenging projects and the rework philosophy.

I'm the creator and maintainer of xmlwitch, a popular Pythonic XML generation library. You should try it.

I am driven by purpose and cultivate a stoic attitude towards life.

Article · Leaving Python for JavaScript · August 2017

A piece on my new web development stack following my ongoing work on three Nuxt applications.

Article · Nuxt and ElementUI · July 2017

A 30-second introduction to Nuxt plus notes on getting ElementUI to run with it.

Article · My Approach to Remote Work · July 2017

An account on tracking and maintaining progress – and what finally worked for me in 14 years of remote work.

Article · Isomorphic Fetch Notes · July 2017

My first experience with isomorphic React and creating a universal interface to fetch that works on the client-side as well as for talking to multiple microservices on the backend.

Article · Why Choose Vue.js · June 2017

The thing about Vue is that its minimalism makes the API feel like a natural extension to HTML, much like a web standard. Here I present why I choose Vue over React.

Project · ContaGrama · June 2017

ContaGrama (portuguese for GramCounter) is an application that infers nutritional data off meal recipes via natural language parsing. The repository currently holds preliminary efforts in processing USDA's food composition database.

Article · Scalable API Testing · April 2016

I was tasked with the job of creating a scalable black-box test suite for a HTTP API, capable of examining its speed and stability as well as its expected behaviour. I set out to accomplish these two forms of testing using state of the art Python libraries and deployment tools.